Before plotting, quilting, sewing, I was vjing (like making videoprojections live in music festivals and parties). I’ve created an audiovisual project with 2 friends of mine where visuals were made by generative art. Here is one of these visual I made 9 years ago and brought back from archives. This « fur » was moving synchronized on a heartbeat sound.


Elapsed time : 4:55:32 (h:mn:s)

Lenght to path drawn : 76.23 m

Total distance moved : 148.73 m


Generative fur 20210526 (12 x 12")

SKU : GEN_003
  • Stylo argenté sur papier noir

    12 x 12"

    mai 2021

    tirage unique


    Pen on paper 

    12 x 12''

    may 2021

    single draw